Picture by Pierre-Yves Dallenogare

Since finishing filmschool, I’ve been working as a cameraman. Over the years, I’ve been shooting many different projects, for many different production companies. I’ve been doing a lot of documentaries, both television and independent productions, but enjoy working on a commercial or a long term fiction project just as much.

Besides working on these collaborations, I enjoy taking stills. I like photography and it has always been a source of inspiration. I’ve been focusing more on photography lately and I hope to continue and combine still and moving pictures in the future.

On this website you will find some examples of my latest work, both in video and photography. I hope you like them, feel free to contact me with any proposal or question.


When a picture is taken, the image isn’t ready. When shooting analogue, people take their filmstrip to the lab, manipulation is done and the magic happens. Something comes out to last. Magic still happens in the digital world but the techniques have changed. While the chemical process is here to stay, the digital world has taken over the bulk of the work.

Adding the finishing touch to stills, I use mainly Adobe Lightroom, for video I prefer DaVinci Resolve. Equiped with a Eizo callibrated monitor, an AVID Artist Color grading surface and the right storage and other devices, I tend to spend more and more time in the digital dark room. That’s where my pictures becomes images.